Chefs Competition

—Entries are Closed—

I. Registration Information


Chefs will begin setup at 10:15AM


There will not be any registration cost to participate in the competition. The competition will consist of 10 (ten) teams. Each Chef and Sous Chef /Assistant will get an admission wrist band at registration. Please check in at register at the back loading dock. We will go over Introduction and rules at 12:15 PM (Give yourself enough time to be prepared to start at 12:45 sharp)



II. Competition Outline

Competition teams will consist of one Chef and one Sous Chef /Assistant & Media Personnel

The competition will consist of 2 (two) categories –Appetizer and Main Dish with 1 (one) provided SECRET ingredient to be used in EACH dish. Each chef or team must make 4 plates (keeping serving size to a minimum): 3 plates – 1 for each judge and 1 plate for display on your table. Chefs must bring their own plates.

Each chef/team will be allowed to bring up to 3 of their own ingredients – herbs, garnishes, infused oils, vegetables & spices

THERE IS NO POWER AND NO ELECTRIC DEVICES ARE ALLOWED – no ovens, pasta makers, food processors or other such gadgets. Each team will be allowed to bring in butane/click burners, cutting board(s) knives, bowls, tongs, spoons, pans, etc.

Each Chef will be provided a large pantry of other ingredients such as vegetables, olive oil, butter, flour, water, salt & pepper, wine for sharing. Use the provided portion cups for shared ingredients.
Each Chef will have 30 minutes to complete their Appetizer and get it to the judges and 45 minutes to complete their Main Dish and get it to the judges.

When a team has finished the preparation of the 4 plates per category/course, they will signal by waving a towel.


  • Arrival/setup time 10:00 AM-11:30PM
  • Rules/Regulations 12:15PM
  • Appetizer Competition starts 12:45 PM
  • Appetizer Judging 1:15 PM
  • Main Dish Competition starts 1:30PM
  • Main Dish Judging 2:15 PM
  • AWARDS 2:30PM
III. Competition Station
  • Each Chef will have an identical island consisting of:
  • 2  8’ table
  • A bus pan, trash can, and compost bin
  • Volunteers to assist in bussing and running food
IV. Pantry & SECRET Ingredient Island

Each Chef will have Access to:

  • LARGE PANTRY with Vegetables, Meats, Staples, Oils, Wines, ETC
  • Please use provided containers for items
    SHARE the PANTRY do not take 1 gallon of olive oil
  • The SECRET INGREDIENT, each chef will take 1 portion of the SECRET ingredient for EACH ROUND
V. Judging Criteria

The judges will be evaluating the prepared dishes during the competition.  These judges will be completely impartial and will be tasting dishes blind as to preserve the identities of the teams.  A form will be filled out by each judge covering each of the Chef’s dishes.  Points will be deducted if the category/course is not completed in the allotted time and/or if you do not follow the guideline rules. (5 points for every Minute)

The judging panel will consist of 3 guest judges.

Craft Cocktail Competition

—Entries are Closed—

I. Registration Information
  1. Full Recipes are required for entry
  2. Name of the drink and description will need to be provided at the time of entry
  3. MUST be a current employee of the restaurant you register under
  4. Competitors will be selected on February 13th and notified on February 16th
II. Competition Outline
  • One will be made with Old Forester Bourbon as the base spirit
  • One will be made with Kraken Black Spiced Rum as the base spirit
    • Cordials will be provided by Lucas Bols
      • Bols Blackberry Brandy
      • Bols Maraschino
      • Bols Strawberry
      • Bols Watermelon
      • Bols Yoghurt Natural
    • Bartenders will also be allowed to use anything in the Chefs Pantry

Bartenders are permitted to bring their own syrups/bitters/shrubs/nectars and any specialty ice and Glasses that they will need for their craft cocktails

Bartenders must bring their own kit
There will be NO electricity, so do NOT have a recipe that requires anything to be plugged in

There will be three winners

  • Best Old Forester Craft Cocktail
  • Best Kraken Black Spiced Rum Cocktail
  • Overall Winner

There will be 10 Bartenders chosen to compete and the winners will be announced on February 16th, 2016 on the Pikes Peak Chapter – Colorado Restaurant Association Facebook Page

There will be 3 Judges – You will be making 4 of each drink – one will be for presentation/pictures

If your recipe requires specialty ingredients, please bring those with… ie. Specialty rim ingredients, specialty ice, anything that we cannot buy from the store!

All competitors will check in at the back of the Broadmoor World Arena, you will have free entry into the event, but please know, ONLY YOU will be permitted without a ticket.

Any other questions or concerns that you might have, please email Brittany Bastian at or call 720-324-6782

III. Competition Schedule

Day of the 22st Annual Broadmoor Food and Wine Expo – March 19, 2016

Broadmoor World Arena – Free Parking


  • 10:15 – You may start Set-up/Check-in
  • 11:15 – Check the Pantry and Liquors to make sure that ingredients are correct
  • 11:30 – Go to your stations and wait to be interviewed
  • 12:00 – Doors open to the public
  • 12:15 – Chef and Cocktail Competitors will be introduced
  • 12:30 – Begin 1st Craft Cocktail
  • 1:15 – Begin 2nd Craft Cocktail
  • 2:15 – Craft Cocktail Winners will be announced
  • 2:45 – Winners will have their pictures taken on stage